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Individual Donor List

Thank you to all our generous donors

Below is a list of all those who have generously donated to the Delaware Shakespeare Festival between July 2012 and July 2013. If you would like to make a donation, please click here.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the list of donors is correct. If your name is misspelled or omitted, please accept our sincere apologies and inform our offices at (302) 415-3373.



Blake & Mitzi Rohrbacher

James Scott

Jason & Melissa Scott


Robert & Judith Cahill

Charles & Judith Conway

Ms. Rebecca G. Frederick & Ms. Trina J. Tsersland

Vincent & Mareta Gallagher

Patty & John Jacob

Benjamin Lovell

Nancy B. Lynch

Laurel A. Riegel

Barbara D. Robleto

David & Michelle Stradley

Lynn & Carol Stradley

Thomas & Sara Thompson

Susan M. Zellner


Thomas & Carol Anderson

Pat & Lou Bartoshesky

Hon. & Mrs. Robert & Sally Coonin

Michael Coughlin & Ann Hrciga

John Horisk

Pamela Huxtable

Kevin & Sue Loney


Josephine M. Bayard

Susan & Pete Booker

James & Connie Clarke

Gregory & Lynne Davis

Rory & Nick Fanandakis

Megan & Bill Goeller

Joseph A. & Virginia F. Kuhn

Eric & Diane Leichter

Richard & Marilyn Levin

Dr. & Mrs. William Mannella

Maureen McCaffery

Michael & Lucia Michlovich

Lourdes Puig

John & Karen Rabik

Greg & Selena Robleto

Jeffrey & Katherine Robleto

Michelle & Richard Robleto

John & Sally Rusk

Robert Sando

Jeffrey A. Santoro

Paul J. Smith

Lynne & Rusty Suher

Don Truesdell

Carol VanZoeren

Bennet & Marianne White

Bill & Dory Zinkand



Hon. & Mrs. Thomas Ambro

Barb Bullock & James Kassees

Robert & Dorothy Colburn

Bill Collins & Cilla Goldsmith

Tom & Leigh Corrigan

Douglas Doerfler

Laneita Dunphy

Robert & Marion Ehrlich

Charlie Ganter & Christine Hansen

John & Nancy Gardner

Jamie & Claire Kegerise

Veronika Kruse

Susan B. Larsen

Jeff & Nancy Long

Rachel Maslow

Richard & Carol Raffaelli

Michelle & Richard Robleto

Johanna & Leo Schloss

Tracy & Aaron Selekman

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Tigani

Kevin Turner



Patricia Banta

Ocie H. Bernstein

Thomas A. Bisio

Joy Ellen Booth

Diane A. Brown

Patricia Buhler

Mr. Willard Bullock

Michelle Capanas

Moira K. Donoghue

Patrick Downes

Mark Fields

Dr. W. Albert Forwood

William & Connie Georgov

Stephen Getty & Patti Parziale

Robert Keller

William F. Lang

Susan Larsen

Fred & Vera Orthlieb

Joanne McGrath

Sylvia Reid

Anne C. Reese

Drs. Gary & Caroline Smith

Pamela Stephani & Richard Morelli

Mary Wilcosky

Amanda Winfree

The Bridge Donors

The following individuals have specifically supported DSF’s education program for at-risk youth, The Bridge to Shakespeare’s Masterpieces.



Alan Levin



Phyllis & Norman Aerenson

John A. Clark III

Anthony W. Dohring, Esq.

Jeff and Linnea Goddess

Rob & Jean Krapf

Thomas & Catherine LaPenta

Mr. Lawrence Sullivan



Sid & Carol Balick

Robert & Elizabeth Beste

Shahrokh & Ruth Morovati



Barbara James




Last updated: July 18, 2013

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