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“I Am Hamlet” Project

This April, DSF will launch an exciting community-wide exploration of Shakespeare’s most famous play. We’re calling it the “I Am Hamlet” Project and it will lead up to our summer 2014 production of Hamlet.

DSF will reach into the community to find what this play means to you, how it resonates with your life, what personal reflections it causes, etc. We’ll be doing this through a number of initiatives:

Classroom Workshops

The director (David Stradley) and lead actor (Griffin Stanton-Ameisen) of DSF’s summer 2014 production of Hamlet will visit classrooms in Delaware high schools. Students will get to join with Stanton-Ameisen in readings of key scenes from the play and Stradley will lead a discussion exploring how the students connect with the characters and themes of the play.

Retirement Home Visits

Similar to the classroom workshops, Stradley and Stanton-Ameisen will visit two area retirement homes to read and discuss portions of Hamlet with Delaware seniors.

Essay Contest

Area high school and college students will be asked to write a 500-word essay detailing how they personally connect to the character of Hamlet, referencing a specific selection from the play. Click here for Essay Contest Prompt. Essays due May 3, 2014. Winners receive a $250 scholarship courtesy of Prestwick House.

YouTube Video Interviews

DSF will hit the street to create three short YouTube videos asking Delawareans what key Hamlet soliloquies mean to them. Respondees will also read short passages from the soliloquies which will be edited together into “collage” renditions of the passages.

Social Media Dialogues

DSF will venture into the social media universe and invite tweets and Facebook posts responding to the questions of how Hamlet connects with the lives of  social media users.  Selected  responses will be edited together into a “social media poem.”

Town Hall

As a public event culminating the “I Am Hamlet” Project, DSF will hold a Town Hall at Wilmington University on Saturday, May 17 at 2pm. The Town Hall will include the public sharing of essay contest finalists, YouTube videos, and the “social media poem.” Guest scholars will draw parallels between societal forces present today and when Shakespeare authored Hamlet. Stradley and Stanton-Ameisen will provide a summary of their exploration of the play with students and seniors. Audience members will be invited to share their impressions of and insights on the ideas presented during the Town Hall.

Last updated: April 16, 2014

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